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A community for anyone with a rant regarding True Blood.
If you've ever found yourself incredibly annoyed by some of the bonehead changes Alan Ball has made to the show, or you're just sick of hearing Bill say, "Suuuuuukah!", this is the place for you. Fanfiction and Fanart are also welcome in addition to rants and posts full of snark & sarcasm.

The quotes that started this whole thing....
"Alan Ball School for Storytellers: We'll tell you what you want to hear, but when it's time for us to deliver, you can go fuck yourself." -makesmyheadspin

"I think AB wants to see Eric and Bill get it on since Sophie Ann suggested it. And AB wants to be Bill." -sleepysandy
Don't mind the dirty language. Your super snarky mods really are here to help! Happy ranting ♥

For those who don't want to just read the action, but take part in it, check out fangtasia_rp. Contact bookworm84 for more information on this stellar community!

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